Old dog; new blog

Welcome to ‘From Where I Sit’. My first time writing a blog….whoa…..I NEVER thought I’d type those words, but I digress of course; it’s what I do!

We’ll  be talking about guitars and music as they relate to all facets of my life. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t fit into a neat niche, or just can’t cop a particular technique that you’re sure would change your life, take heart!

We? Well, yeah, both of us/me. I’ve talked to myself for years, and I’m a Gemini, so we're good with it. Of course we’ll gladly be addressing questions, responding to comments, etc.

Go ahead. Make my blog:-)

We’ll discuss learning to play while growing up dyslexic & ADD; being a left handed righty; why lessons didn’t work; the financial dangers of hero worship; others’ self importance based on one’s past fame; when the band’s had enough of you; buying guitars for all the wrong reasons; ergonomics speak loudest, but looks count; flat picks & carpet tape; dealing with not being able to play fast; performance nerves, and well…….the important things like that.

Of course there’ll be the mundane stuff like open-tunings, bottleneck & slide selection, amplification of acoustic instruments, string choices, capos, fret wire size, why I have no calluses, composing while mowing the lawn, tips & acrylics, how I trained my nail beds, why sustain is way overemphasized, et al.

I look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say and what you’d like to know about!



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